Stakeholder Participation Planning Consulting

effective organizational change communication strategy planning

The Center for Risk Communication practitioners bring a unique approach to communication planning using a proven human behavioral science methodology. For successful implementation, stakeholders become part of the planning process. It’s important to understand stakeholder concerns. By involving stakeholders in the overall process an atmosphere of trust and credibility is achieved.

This disciplined approach to planning and implementation facilitates predictable desired outcomes. It takes the ‘art’ and ‘spin’ out of communication and creates a collaborative atmosphere that builds trust and gains informed support of key initiatives. This is an essential element to the overall strategy for success.

The Center has developed and copyrighted this communication process based upon 40 years of published scientific research. Each communication practitioner is an expert at applying these principles to situations where high concern creates communication barriers.

Center practitioners have proven track records of successful partnering with in house teams, giving them a scientific approach to meet tough communication challenges.