Training & Workshops

Risk and Crisis Communication Workshops and TrainingThe Center for Risk Communication offers a unique, science-based coaching and training experience for leadership. High concern changes communication requirements.  Managers and public officials who communicate in a high concern environment need to develop the unique knowledge and skills required for this demanding arena. The Center provides comprehensive training to convey this knowledge and build these skills. The Center further provides strategic assistance to put this knowledge and these skills into practice.

The training seminars and workshops offered by the Center provide participants the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Adapt personal and organizational practices to earn trust and gain credibility;
  • Overcome the mental noise that occurs when people are in a high concern state of mind;
  • Manage the risk perception factors that distort people’s views of actual threats;
  • Offset the dominating power of negative words and images;
  • Practice the verbal and non-verbal communications skills needed to be effective in high concern situations; and
  • Identify traps, pitfalls and opportunities.

As follow-on to the training, the Center for Risk Communication offers a full range of strategic counsel and support to help implement the principles learned during the seminars and workshops. The Center’s counsel and support is tailored to the unique and specific needs of each client and situation.