Guiding Clients through a crisis

The Center for Risk Communication focuses on Crisis Communication as a critical application of Risk Communication. Today’s social media climate leaves little time for leaders facing crises to make that first response. Responses must be precise, accurate and show empathy to the situation. Years of peer-reviewed published science demonstrate the validity of a Risk Communication process essential for effective communication during crises. This disciplined approach gives leaders the edge when faced with incidents causing highly stressed states of mind. Center communication practitioners have put it to the test in countless global scenarios.

The Center has been helping clients navigate the often hazardous shoals of human perception involving high profile risk and crisis issues for over 40 years. Imagine what we can accomplish before a situation reaches critical levels!

In our increasingly media-saturated, complex world of today, any less disciplined approach to communication can quickly escalate a situation to critical levels. From perception research to community relations, corporate cultural change to crisis management, to all communication and media concerns both external and internal, the Center for Risk Communication stands out as the truly empirical, critical, and professional choice for those that would be at the forefront on the twenty-first century.