How to Effectively Communicate in Stressful Situations

Manage Perceptions and Expectations

Taking the time to understand and anticipate human concerns during periods of change in today’s modern world is vital. Public perceptions and opinions often determine the resolution of high concern, high stress, or emotionally charged issues. They have a profound impact on an organization’s success, yet it is surprising how little thought is put into how an organization’s actions (or inactions) are perceived by stakeholders.  It is often this lack of preparation that escalates a situation into a crisis.

Adhere to Proven Protocols

Do not trust the resolution of critical issues to instincts or gut feelings. Engineers do not construct public works based on what ‘feels right’. Meet your tough communication challenges head on with an “engineering” approach to communication rooted in proven science and research.

Establish, Maintain, & Increase Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are central to effective communication about topics of high concern. Research and experience clearly prove that one of the most important keys to communication success is an organization’s ability to establish, maintain, and increase trust and credibility with key stakeholders, including employees, regulatory agencies, citizen groups, the public and the media.Key elements in trust and credibility are:

Risk Communication Pie Chart