Organizational Change Communications Consulting

organizational change communication principlesRisk Communication, as it applies to organizational change, gives leadership a powerful problem solving communication toolkit that builds trust and fosters informed support among stakeholders.

The Center’s communication practitioners provide science-based collaborative techniques one-on-one or in groups with organizational leaders. When concern is high and trust is low, conditions consistent with organizational change, a departure from traditional communication models becomes necessary. Research studies on Risk Communication explain why this is so and suggest how to change the communication model for more effective results during difficult times.

Utilizing proven science-based collaborative techniques, we excel at identifying key issues with high impact, producing strategies that prevent or mitigate high stress situations. Our senior consultants are experts in behavioral science, and are committed for the duration of the project.

The Center’s counsel and support is tailored to the unique and specific needs of your situation.  Services and capabilities related to Employee Communications might include:

  • Corporate restructuring/reorganization communication strategies
  • Implementing innovation and cultural change
  • Improving internal communication programs
Pioneers in the development and application of advanced communication methods, we specialize in effective communication strategies during high stress, emotionally charged situations.

Less than 5% of public stress is driven by facts

While it is essential to convey facts clearly, that alone is often insufficient to quell people’s concerns. Research shows that public concerns typically are based 95 percent on perceptions and only five percent on facts. People’s behavior usually is predicated on perceptions – often misperceptions – that differ substantially from reality (facts).