Leonard Biegal, Crisis Management Consultant

Leonard Biegel, Crisis Management Consultant

Leonard Biegel, Crisis Management Consultant

Mr. Biegel is especially skilled in message development and media training, crisis response and crisis prevention, and readiness programs. He also is often called upon to solve or manage issues before they become crises.

Among his client work, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD represents some of the broadest scope of his work, from crisis planning to communications training to strategic counsel during actual crises. He created the cruise line’s GO Team concept and trained shore side and headquarters staff on the techniques for helping cruise guests during emergencies. He was responsible for the communications for the launch of the largest cruise ship ever built.

Mr. Biegel has also worked on the events of 9/11 which included: American Airlines – onsite communications counsel throughout the crisis; Business Roundtable – immediately following 9/11, created widely accepted documents for the Roundtable: The Post 9/11 Crisis Communications Toolkit (this toolkit contains one of the earliest iterations of an assessment tool for crisis readiness) and Committed to Protecting America: CEO Guide to Security Challenges.

A former Emmy award-winning television broadcaster, Mr. Biegel served in senior media and crisis management positions at Rowan & Blewitt (subsequently acquired by Web Shandwick) and Burson-Marsteller. He also has served as a consultant to the White House Conference on Small Business, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, AT&T, IBM and the Israel Broadcasting Authority. In 2010, he was the only public relations delegate to the International Public-Private Preparedness summit.

Mr. Biegel began his career in special events news coverage for CBS in New York. He also served as program director and executive producer for Metromedia (now Fox) in New York and Washington. For two years he taught at George Washington University as an associate professorial lecturer.

Mr. Biegel holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University and studied management at NYU’s Graduate School of Business Administration. He is a member of the Princeton Club of New York.