Dr Vincent Covello
Meet Dr. Vincent Covello

At the helm of the Center for Risk Communication is Dr. Vincent Covello. Dr. Covello is one of the world’s leading experts and practitioners on the practice of risk, high-concern, and crisis communications and is the author of more than 150 articles in scientific journals and the author/editor of more than 20 books.

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Perception & Opinion Research

What is perceived as real is real in its consequences.

Perceptions and opinions (both internal and public) often determine the resolution of high concern, high stress, or emotionally charged issues. They have a profound impact on an organization’s success, and can be the deciding factor between a long, painful transitional riddled with setbacks and fluctuating productivity or a well managed, relatively shorter transistional period with decreased resistance.
Taking the time to identify and understand true human concerns during periods of change in today’s modern world is vital.

Our Methodology Takes out the Guesswork

Quantitative research is a key arm of the applied science process. We have developed and copyrighted our process based upon 40 years of research. Center for Risk Communication practitioners have proven track records of success in applying this scientific approach to research that is then married with other principles of the science. The result is gaining true understanding of stakeholder concerns. What’s more, our 40+ years of practicing risk communication science has revealed that the actual concerns of stakeholders are quite often surprising.

How does this help?

This step is important in facilitating stakeholder informed support of an initiative. When negative perceptions are present, and passive or active resistance is expected to occur, speaking directly to stakeholders known concerns addresses false perceptions and removes communication barriers.

It also enables detection of passive or active resistance that may prevent clients from meeting their objectives. There is a huge advantage in being able to anticipate issues and to mitigate its effects.


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